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the things we live for

Not settling with what others have stated, we are determined to reinvent how style is worn. Each piece we craft possesses its own distinctive markings—the pride we hold since 1994.


how it begins

In the 1980s, down a narrow alley in a traditional garment district of Bangkok stood our first store. Located right at the end of the alley, embellished with real decors and backlight that flashes on each eccentric design, the store vibrates a distinctive scent of novelty. Our garments were raw, earthy colored, and with captivating icons. Though we stood at the very end, people came and sought to see for themselves what we have to offer. From that day onwards, CARBON grew to what we are today.

we are

a team of meticulous handcrafters, passionate designers, and challenge enthusiasts.

and so

With the same passion we hold towards life, we put into creating CARBONan aesthetic of our own.

If you were born for challenge

CARBON is the real you.

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